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The IDK ICP-9401 Four Window Multi-Window Processor is a powerful, high resolution graphics processor that enables the simultaneous display of four images on a single screen with any layout. The ICP-9401 can also be used as 5 digital (HDMI) and 4...

The IDK GF-100 is a handy video analyzer for HDMI/DVI devices. The GF-100 can be used for testing source/sink devices, monitoring DDC between source and sink devices, testing signal transmission, and so on.

The IDK SWC-2000 is remote controller for MSD Series, FDX Series, and IP-NINJAR Series products. The SWC-2000 can register control command and link to its buttons by using web browser.

The IDK HDC-S200 and S400 are splitters which can extend HDBaseT signals by using IDK HDC series transmitters and receivers. By using with the IDK HDC series transmitters and receivers, video and audio signals can be extended and distributed to up...

The IDK HDC-RH101, 201, and 401 are receivers for HDBaseT signal. HDC-RH101, 201, and 401 have HDBaseT daisy chain and HDMI signal splitter functions. By using with the IDK HDC series transmitters, video and audio signals can be extended and...

The IDK HDC-TH101, 201, and 401 are transmitters and splitter for HDBaseT signal. HDC-TH101, 201, and 401 can split and transmit HDBaseT signals up to 4 signals and have HDMI local output. These units also have analog audio de-embedded.

The IDK HDC-TH200 is a transmitter for long-distance transmission of HDMI/DVI and Analog (video and audio) input signals over a twisted pair cable. Since HDMI/DVI signals are transmitted without compression or processing, the image quality can be...

The IDK HDC-H100-C is a transmitter and receiver set for long distance transmission of HDMI signals over one twisted pair cable at up to 4K@60. The input signals are transmitted pass through and without compression so that the image quality can be...