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3900 Series Digital Deskphones
3900 Series Digital Deskphones include five phone models and a variety of accessories. They offer easy-to-use display-based interfaces, call logs, self-labeling keys, simplified administration and other features to help improve productivity. They are designed to work with the Avaya Communication Server 1000 and Avaya Communication Server 2100.

Features and Benefits

Improve productivity
The display-based interface of the phone provides easy access to productivity-enhancing features like call logs and directory services.

Give users increased flexibility
Customizable ring tones, menus, softkeys and other features let users create the work environments that suit them best.

Simplify system management
Features like self-labeling keys and a customizable options list make it easy to add phones, add features, and make other necessary changes.


3901 Digital Deskphone

This economical, single-line phone is ideal for light use in places like lobbies, reception areas, cafeterias, and hallways.

3902 Digital Deskphone
Designed for light use in manufacturing, warehouses, and other business environments, this single-line phone offers a display-based interface and hands-free capability.

3903 Digital Deskphone
This multi-line digital phone supports up to four lines and/or features.

3904 Digital Deskphone
Supporting up to 12 lines, the 3904 offers the largest display in its class, along with features like a personal directory, a call log, and a variety of user-selectable options.

3905 Digital Deskphone
Designed for call-center environments, this multi-line digital phone can serve the specialized needs of the busiest call center agents and supervisors.
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