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Interaction Center
The Interaction Center software suite provides enterprise-class control of contact-center communications across multiple channels: voice, video, email, Web chat, and IP telephony. It simplifies the management process, helping companies maintain high levels of service, so they can consistently exceed customer expectations. Its open-standards-based architecture simplifies design, deployment, and maintenance, so businesses can easily integrate it with their own data, applications, and switching systems, as well as those of their partners.

Features and Benefits

Improve customer service
Powerful management tools, multi-channel support, and easy integration with external data give businesses the tools they need to deliver an optimal customer experience.

Meet service-level objectives
Interaction Center uses enterprise business rules and customer segmentation data to more effectively handle incoming contacts, helping companies achieve service-level objectives.

Simplify system management
Centralized application management and administration of business rules, workflows, agent work items, and task loads allows businesses to streamline complex operations.
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