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Digital Billboard Jr.Bulletin
The industry's best-designed digital billboards.

When it comes to LED billboards, we think adding intelligent features while eliminating the unnecessary ones is a pretty good philosophy. The result is smarter digital billboards and the most respected choice in the industry.

Daktronics Digital Billboard Sizes

From our popular standard billboard sizes to totally customized LED displays, we can help you select the signage that will fit your needs.

Jr. Bulletin

Dimensions: 10'6" x 36'
Line Spacing:
15 mm, 16 mm, or 20 mm

The most common outdoor digital billboard used on freeways. Showcase sharp views for high-traffic locations.

Incredible Image Quality for Life

We developed a road map for maintaining your digital billboard's image quality. We strategically adjust LED nit levels throughout the billboard's lifetime to maximize brightness. Add in pioneering calibration methods and you end up with a billboard that looks great for years. Plus, our universal module platform enables a trouble-free upgrade down the road.
Calibration Processes for Maintaining Image Quality

To ensure your billboard delivers the same visual impact it did on day one, we offer three methods of display calibration. Digital billboard calibration can adjust each individual red, green, and blue LED improving its image quality and adding years of life to the display.
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