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The IDK NJR-04HD is an HDMI network transmitter and receiver set which have built-in scan converter and scaler. This extender can transmit 4 channels of HDMI signal by one duplex fiber, and it supports RS-232C bidirectional communication and LAN transmission. It can be used for 4 inputs and 4 outputs matrix switcher or splitter. NJR-R04HD can configure four multi-display videowall by one unit, and it can configure larger videowall by using multiple units with synchronization signals. The NT-T04HD/NT-R04HD can be used not only as a set of transmitter and receiver but also as a transmitter or receiver of “IP-NINJAR” series. When NJR-T01UHD and NJR-R04HD are used together in a system, NJR-R04HD can output 4K video image as four 1080p signals. When NJR-R01UHD and NJR-T04HD are used together in a system, NJR-R01UHD can output four 1080p signals from NJR-T04HD as one 4K video image (if the 4K content is protected by HDCP2.2, NJR-R04HD cannot output the image to a sink because NJR-04HD only support HDCP1.4)

■ Video: ・Up to 1080p / QWXGA (RB) *1 ・HDCP1.4 supported ・Built-in Digital Cable EQ Input: From 33 ft. / 10 m up to 99 ft. / 30 m (approx.) (NJR-T04HD) Output: From 33 ft. / 10 m up to 165 ft. / 50 m (approx.) (NJR-R04HD) ・Extension distances of each SFP + module Multimode fiber (OM3): 984.26 ft. approx. / 300 m Singlemode fiber (OS1): 6.21 miles approx. / 10 km Singlemode fiber (OS1): 24.84 miles approx. / 40 km (Option) ・Motion adaptive I/P conversion ・Scan conversion ・Aspect Ratio Control
■ Audio: ・Lip-Sync (up to 8 frame: NJR-R04HD)
■Communication ・RS-232C bidirectional communication ・LAN transmission
■ Network: ・Matrix switching, Video Wall, distribution, and extension using 10GbE switch ・All TX and RX in network can be managed and controlled by NJR-CTB ・Easy to build up a system later by adding transmitters and receivers. ・Video Wall
■ Others: ・EDID emulation ・Connection Rese ・DDC buffer ・Lock mechanism for AC adapter 
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