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The IDK MSD-EX32 is a slot-type multi switcher with a scan converter and up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs.This multi switcher switches HDMI/DVI (video and audio) input signals and analog (video and audio) input signals, and it converts those input video signals to up to QWXGA or 1080p in order to output HDMI/DVI (video and audio) signals. Since you can select input and output slot boards as you want, it enables you to congure signals and the number of channels at your disposal.

The MSD-EX32 has RS-232C and LAN as communication ports for external control that enables you to control settings remotely. You can also control external devices that are connected to the MSD-EX32 over RS-232C or LAN by registering external control commands. The waiting function helps external commands to be sent after cooling time of projectors or the like passes.

External control commands can be executed from front keys, RS-232C, or LAN; they can also be executed at start-up.

■ Video: ・Up to QWXGA (RB) *1 or 1080p ・Digital cable EQ (Digital I/O slot board) INPUT: Up to 33 ft. to 99 ft. approx. / 10 m to 30 m OUTPUT: Up to 33 ft. to ** ft. approx. / 10 m to ** m ・Motion-adaptive I/P conversion ・Scan converter ・Aspect ratio control ・Seamless switching*2 ・A/D conversion output ・Anti-snow ・The number of I/O can be customized as you want by the four.
■ Audio: ・A/D, D/A conversion ・Volume adjustment ・Lip sync
■ Control: ・Input: RS-232C, LAN ・Output: RS-232C, LAN, PJLink
■ Others: ・EDID emulation ・Video and audio can be switched separately (When optional MAU-3232 is connected) ・I/O slot board, CPU slot board, and fan unit can be replaced without removing from the rack. ・Cross point memory ・Preset memory ・Last memory ・Connection reset ・Key lock
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