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The IDK FDX-32 is a high-performance digital matrix switcher accepting any combination of available HDMI / DVI signals, twisted pair cable extension (HDBaseT), and fiber optic extension input / output boards. Scan converter output boards are also available, and those scan converter output boards enable to switch video signals which have different resolutions and synchronization timing seamlessly. Input and output boards are available with 4-input ports and 4-output ports, providing various I/O combinations with sizes ranging from 4 x 4 to 32 x 32. The FDX-32 also supports HDCP, and it is ideal for a wide range of applications that require routing of high-resolution digital video signals.

■Video: - Up to QWXGA*1 (RB) *2 or 1080p - 4 port slot board type input and output board - Built-in Digital Cable EQ Input: From 33 ft. / 10 m up to 99 ft. / 30 m (approx.) Output: From 33 ft. / 10 m up to 131 ft. / 40 m (approx.) - Extension distance using a Cat6 twisted pair cable (HDBaseT input and output board) Input: Up to 330 ft. / 100 m (approx.) Output: Up to 330 ft. / 100 m (approx.) - Extension distance using fiber optic (Fiber optic extension input and output board) Multimode fiber (OM3): Up to 985 ft. (approx.) / 300 m Multimode fiber (OM4): Up to 3,280 ft. (approx.) / 1 km Singlemode fiber (OS1): Up to 15,420 ft. (approx.) / 4.7 km (Optional: 6.21 miles / 10 km) - Anti-Snow - Customizable input / output numbers by 4 ports or 2 ports input / output slot boards - Unification of the output resolution (scan converter output slot board)
■ Control input: - RS-232C, LAN
■ Others: - Connection reset - Instant Alert Function for power supply and Fan units - Input, output, and CPU boards can be exchanged without taking off the unit from rack mount - EDID emulation - Audio breakaway enables independent audio and video switching - Preset memory, Last memory, and Startup memory - Front panel security lockout - RS-232C transmission (HDBaseT / Optical output slot boards) - Redundant power supply (option)
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