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 The IDK HDC-TH200 is a transmitter for long-distance transmission of HDMI/DVI and Analog (video and audio) input signals over a twisted pair cable. Since HDMI/DVI signals are transmitted without compression or processing, the image quality can be kept. Input signals are automatically detected and switched according to the setting of the input auto switching function.

■ Video: ・Up to QWXGA (RB)*1 or 1080p ・HDCP supported ・3D Y/C separation for NTSC and PAL signals ・Digital cable EQ INPUT: up to 33 ft. to 98.43 ft. / 10 m to 30 m ・Up to 328.08 ft. approx. / 100 m signal extension over a Cat6 cable ・Anti-snow
■ Audio: ・Embedding analog audio into digital signals
■ Control output: ・LAN (Bi-directional communication)
■ Others: ・EDID emulation ・Auto input detection and switching ・CEC (Pass through) ・Last memory ・Connection Reset ・Front panel security lock out ・Lock mechanism for AC adapter

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