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Leyard XL55HDU

XL55HDU is an industrial grade LCD unit for videowall purposes. The display unit uses a more energy saving and environmental friendly LED backlight. XL55HDU's image processing module with built-in videowall function. Multiple XL55HDU can be flexibly and conveniently spliced into a large screen videowall display system.


 Ultra narrow bilateral Bezel Width:3.5mm

 Resolution: 1920 x 1080

 Integration of multiple video signal sourcesDVIHDMIVGA

 Auto adjust color balance

 RS232 Loop connection control

 Color Brightness Ratio: 4000 nits

 Work 24 hours a day

• Life Time Hours: 50.000 hours

 Temperature control, overheat alarm

 Easy to operate, it can be flexibly operated on the system with MultiLCD_Pro software

 The underlying communication protocols are open, which makes it easy for users to use the third party central control system or Self-compiling software to construct the large screen engineering system.

 Unlimited screen installation and control scale unlimited

 Video stitching supports up to 15 rows x15 columns

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