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Leyard Clarity® Visual Control Station (VCS)

The Clarity® Visual Control Station™ (VCS™) is a flexible and easy-to-use video wall processor designed to capture, display and manage multiple sources on Leyard and Planar video walls. Clarity VCS features multi-video wall support, allowing users to create, resize and move windows to any location across one or multiple video walls. Clarity VCS supports a wide variety of 4K (3840x2160) and Full HD (1920x1080) inputs including analog, digital and IP network-based video and computer sources.

 VCS6 Collage_1920x1338.png

The Clarity VCS video wall processor is fully configurable to drive video walls of up to 32 high-resolution displays. Using Windows® 10 LTSB with VCS™ Control Software, sources can be positioned and resized individually anywhere on the video wall or can instantly revert to one of many preset layouts.

Clarity VCS Hardware

Clarity VCS is both powerful and reliable utilizing a 4U rack-mountable chassis with third generation PCIe switched fabric backplane, server-class CPU, RAID 0 1 solid state drives and redundant power supplies. The Clarity VCS chassis includes VCS Graphics DP4+ output cards to drive four displays at up to Full HD resolution or two displays at up to 4K resolution. Clarity VCS easily supports an increased number of high resolution displays and sources when one more expansion chassis are added.

Broad Range of Source Capture

 -  DisplayPort sources

      -  DVI sources

      -  HDMI sources

      -  SDI (SD, HD, 3G) sources

      -  Composite sources

 IP sources

Clarity VCS also welcomes Windows® applications installed and used as content sources. Through different configurations, Clarity VCS can simultaneously display captured sources and local files to provide the flexibility and freedom that is often unachievable with many video wall processors.

Flexible Operation

VCS Control Software runs directly on the Clarity VCS video wall processor and is manageable on any local or network connected desktop using Windows® OS. Controlling Clarity VCS is possible via any networked device with web browsing capabilities using software’s web interface control panel. Additionally, the VCS Control Software supports HTTP requests and TCP/IP commands.
VCS6 Flexible Operation

Control and Monitoring Software

VCS Control Software is available in Standard or Enterprise Editions to offer the power solution to fit your application while complying with the familiar Windows® design standards to ensure the interface is intuitive and easy to learn.

The Standard Edition is packed with layout features that allow users to create, resize and move windows to any place across one or multiple Leyard and Planar video walls as well as create preset layouts. The Enterprise Edition empowers control and collaboration rooms with a full feature processor. Features like IP capture, scheduling and scripts deliver a higher level of functionality. Unlimited licenses, user rights management, and network capture enables greater teamwork and control.

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