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Leyard Wallnet

Planar® WallNet™ 2.0 is an easy-to-use video wall software and hardware solution designed to monitor the performance and health of Leyard video walls, all over a customer’s network. It is ideal for mission-critical applications that require the highest in reliability and performance.

Planar WallNet2 includes the ability to provide basic control of the video wall, including recalling memory presets of input sources and Planar® Big Picture Plus™ Video Wall Processor configurations, power displays on and off, adjust display settings like backlight intensity and more. In many cases no additional third-party control product is needed for performance monitoring of the video wall.

Fully Functional and Easy-to-use

Planar WallNet allows video wall operators, from virtually anywhere in the world, to use a web-based interface to monitor real-time status of Leyard video walls. A web-based interface gives users access to the entire video wall settings, as well as individual display data, display control features, trouble assistance on input source issues and views of run-time performance data of the video wall.

Configuration and set-up of Planar WallNet video wall software is simple. An included Windows utility, WallNet Assistant, helps identify all Planar WallNet devices on the network. Planar WallNet also gives IT administrators video wall administration tools utilizing SNMP protocols. Planar WallNet is SNMP 2.0 compatible so customers utilizing SNMP environments can perform realtime status updates, produce reports and remote troubleshoot a connected video wall. Plus, software updates to Planar WallNet are available with a click of a mouse.

Maximizes Display Uptime

While monitoring a Leyard video wall with Planar WallNet, Planar WallNet often notices or detects a failure or problem prior to video wall operators. Preventative maintenance or service calls can be made to get the video wall up and running more quickly.

Video Wall Software Features Summary

The latest version of Planar WallNet gives users access to:

-       Custom Commands — Programmable command buttons enable custom operations to simplify running your displays.

-       Status Views — Monitor the status of each display including input source, system hours, lamp hours and picture settings. Send any status view as an email.

-       Reports and Alerts — View run-time data in Planar WallNet web screens. Interface to your organization’s SNMP utility and via that SNMP utility collect data for reporting and alerts.

-       Wall Display Control — Interactive and scheduled power on/off, network remote control to change display settings, program or test custom commands and set-up RS-232 communications.

-       Color Balance — Invoke Planar® Set it and Forget it (SiFi™) full video wall color balance on Clarity® LED Series rear projection displays.

-       Planar WallNet Administration — Set-up and manage network options, three levels of access control and upgrade Planar WallNet video wall software.

-       Available Hardware Options: 

-       For Clarity LED Series Rear Projection Displays*
The small external hardware Planar WallNet2 device includes a power supply and provides a serial-to-ethernet bridge on the network. A single Planar WallNet2 device can monitor the status of up to 48 Clarity LED Series rear projection displays. Connect Planar WallNet to the first display in the video wall and loop-thru the rest of the displays.

For Clarity® Matrix®  Video Wall with G2 Architecture 
The Planar WallNet module is available as an integrated option to the master Clarity® Matrix™ LCD Video Wall quad controller. The single internal Planar WallNet device module reads and monitors the full video wall, up to 64 displays
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