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Leyard ULV Series

The Leyard® uLV Series is a line of outdoor LED video walls available in 10, 16 and 20 millimeter pitches for high-brightness environments. If your outdoor LED video wall is to be viewed from a further distance, the Leyard uLV Series provides exceptional value while delivering a vivid, bright and consistent image. Highly scalable and front serviceable, the Leyard uLV Series' efficient design reduces construction and operation costs. Its highly reliable, weather-resistant design delivers 24x7 run-time in a wide range of environments.

Deployed in some of the world's largest and highly-visible public venues, the Leyard uLV Series can be constructed into very large video walls. The rugged yet precise LED cabinet design allows for years of uninterrupted operation and is suited for easy maintenance - including front LED display removal and replacement.

The Leyard uLV Series offers stunning image quality with seamless tiling and highly saturated colors. With up to 6,500 nits of brightness and a full weather-rated design, the Leyard uLV Series stands up to the brightness, heat and cold elements common to most demanding outdoor environments, while delivering the image quality expected by some of the most demanding viewers.

Available in 10, 16 and 20mm pitches, the Leyard uLV Series covers the gamut of outdoor, fixed installation requirements.


Model Name




Pixel Pitch




Resolution (per Cabinet)

128 x 96

80 x 60

64 x 48

Cabinet Size

50.39" x 37.8" x 5.91"

1,280mm x 960mm x 150mm

50.39" x 37.8" x 5.91"

1,280mm x 960mm x 150mm

50.39" x 37.8" x 5.91"

1,280mm x 960mm x 150mm


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