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Clarity LED3 Series
Ideal for control room customers who require seamless displays, Leyard Clarity LED3 Series is a complete line of LED-illluminated rear projection video wall displays that deliver superb image quality, industry-leading power-efficient performance and reliable long life. Designed to fully exploit the latest generation LEDs, DLP systems, optics, image electronics, and quality screens, Clarity LED 3 series displays can maintain a wide range of brightness levels at optimized power levels for long illumination lifetimes.

With crisp, clear images, Clarity LED3 Series displays deliver outstanding brightness of up to 800+ nits, illumination life up to 100,000 hours and high reliability. Leyard's proprietary Set it and Forget it™ (SiFi3™) technology ensures every Clarity LED3 Series display in the video wall operates at a user-defined power or brightness level over the lifetime of the video wall, and in concert with the other displays in the wall. The Clarity LED3 Series is engineered for quiet, worry-free operation and low cost-of-ownership.

High Reliability

·Featuring superb DLP technology, the Clarity LED3 Series has stamina for long, continuous 24x7 control room use.
·Features the latest in high-power LED illumination that delivers the steadiest and brightest way to light a display. To bolster this light source even further, Clarity LED3 Series displays include six smaller LEDs for each color - building in redundancy and a more balanced gradual change in brightness over the 60,000 hours (or 100,000 in Eco Mode).
·Leyard's single uni-body chassis creates strength for building large walls, withstands shocks and vibrations better, prevents dust infiltration, allows the separation of internal components for added long-life operation, as well as easy servicing. Leyard's highest-quality screen is built to last the lifetime of the video wall.
·Leyard's modular design keeps internal components separate (power supply, optical engine, control system, input source board, etc.) allowing proper cooling. It is well understood that excessive heat has a negative effect on electronic components. By lowering the display's internal ambient heat with Leyard's modular design, consistent, dependable, and long lasting video wall performance is ensured. At the same time this approach offers easy access and diagnoses for service if needed.  

Technology Designed for the Highest Quality Color

·By using the larger Advanced DLP Technology® chips, Leyard creates stunning high resolution images for easy reading of data, graphics and video with the highest level of color accuracy compared to conventional LCD and plasma displays. 
·Only the best glass lenses and fresnels are employed to create the sharpest, brightest, highest contrast image. Optical precision at its best.
·Color and brightness uniformity is maintained with Leyard's SiFi with Auto Color and Brightness (ACB) across all displays in the video wall at set-up and during operation.
·Built-in application-specific color profiles in Leyard's color management system allow users to adjust contrast, color range, and white point in simple pre-made profiles to accommodate varying needs.
·Leyard's Constant Brightness or Constant Power features allow users to pre-set the amount of power used by the video wall, or the level of brightness the video wall operates at. This allows images to stay at the level users want, or it can be stretched out over the life of their LEDs.
· Planar Precision View screens are designed to the tightest tolerances for fit, flatness, and viewing angles. 
·Leyard can design bracketry for almost any curve for our rear projection displays and Leyard-designed video wall bases.
·Leyard offers four levels of video wall processing; basic open cube with Big Picture and Color Balance; Planar Image full-resolution Video Wall Workstation; Clarity® Visual Control Station™ (VCS™) Video Wall Processor for basic source selection and control; and the fully sophisticated distributed Planar® Indisys™ Video Wall Processor.

Ease of Use


·Service and accessibility are designed into every Clarity LED3 Series display. Leyard invented front service access and continues to provide both front and rear access for full service and zero rear clearance, allowing extremely small screen gaps.
·Motorized engine alignment allows each optical engine in a display to be quickly aligned geometrically with the next display by just one person and a remote control - no more needing two people and a screwdriver.
·With no consumable parts and a 60,000 hour life (100,000 Hrs in Eco Mode), the Clarity LED Series illumination system eliminates the ongoing costs associated with lamp changes.


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