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Clarity® Matrix® MultiTouch

The Clarity® Matrix® MultiTouch LCD Video Wall System is an ultra-slim profile touch screen video wall ideal for public spaces or collaboration environments.


Enhanced MultiTouch Technology 

Utilizing the latest touch technology, Clarity Matrix MultiTouch enables up to 32 touch points and allows multiple users to simultaneously interact with the video wall without affecting other users. Clarity Matrix MultiTouch delivers a superior touch experience with pin-point accuracy, false touch points prevention and is capable of creating large video wall sizes up to a 350" diagonal.

Clarity Matrix MultiTouch not only allows simultaneous touches, but also provides a better touch experience, enabling pinpoint accuracy, prevents false touch points and is capable of video wall sizes up to 350" diagonal.

Modular Protective Touch Surface

The modular design of Clarity Matrix MultiTouch uses Planar® ERO™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) technology to provide a continuous touch surface while ensuring ease of installation and serviceability, less parallax error and superior optical properties.


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