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S-Cloud Virtualization MCU
: This is the services provides "Virtual MCU" based on technology cloud offers to customers solutions of multi-point video conferencing quality HD1080p with a very low cost compared to the self-investment in infrastructure hardware MCU. Instead of investing the entire infrastructure including End-Point and MCU device, customers only needed purchase and End-Point and after that registration "S-Cloud Virtualization MCU" of SVV with multi-choice for the cost of business investments.

S-Cloud Data:  When registering to use the service S-Cloud Virtualization MCU customers can be active S-cloud data service for using the recording funtion up to HD resolution. At the same time can be streamed live or review the content playback and Web Broadcasting to meeting other members, not directly participate in meetings via Web browser or IPTV.

S-Cloud Video Call Routing (Free): This is the service routing for video call H.323 or SIP for the endpoints, when participating in Internet WAN network of terminals need to specify the IP address, NAT router configuration, STUN Server before you can connect with each other. Instead of performing complex tasks so you only need to register "S-Cloud Video Call Routing" and granted a temporary E.164 subscriber number (possibly E.164 subscribers number also are your mobile phone number) and you can easy "video conference call" to other subscribers. In particular "S-Cloud Video Call Routing" supports all video call software runs on Windows and MAC operating systems for PC and standard iOS, Windows Phone, Android for Smartphone. Very handy for you when out of office just a Cafe wifi connection or GSM 3G/4G is video conferencing can be done.

S-Cloud Soft Solution (Free): Gives you additional Software Video Conferencing solutions instead invest Endpoint hardware at high prices, you can buy Video conference software packages with much lower price. Then install the PC or Smartphone to be done with video conference and voice quality images up to HD720p.

S-Cloud High Security: This is the video conferencing service provides customers with high security requirements, the security mechanism authentication with MAC address and virtual private network. In special cases we can provide the hardware infrastructure located in SVV’s Datacenter and the customer can administrate system by self to ensure 100% on information security.


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