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Video conference use Hardware MCU
Multipoint video conferencing using the Avaya MCU is as large video conference many involved with real-time meeting . Allow people to attend can feel naturally communicate through video ( image + audio). In accordance with the conditions and transmission infrastructure .
1. Conferencing multipoint uses Hardware MCU
Conferencing MCU of radvision multipoint used is the large scale video conference many points involved meeting with real time. To allow all attendees can feel natural communication through video (image + audio). In accordance with the conditions and the transmission infrastructure. Ensure equipment, modern technology, in accordance with the international standards such as H32x, audio encoding standards, H26x. Radvision conferencing brings many benefits:
  •  time-saving move, the cost of the work.
  • make online meetings between multiple offices.
  • Quickly organizes meetings, save the entire contents of the meeting.
  • Service quality stable, secure privacy.
2. The Radvision MCU-product line
 SCOPIA MCU Elite 6000 Series
  • Elite 6105 - 5 point support video conference fullHD 1080p or 10 HD 720p (Double License)
  • Elite 6110 - 10 point support video conference fullHD 1080p or 20 HD 720p (Double License)
  • Elite 6120 - 20 point support video conference fullHD 1080p or 40 HD 720p (Double License)
  • Elite 6140 - 40 point support video conference fullHD 1080p or 80 HD 720p (Double License)

 MCU deployment, where all branches use the HQ MCU
3. Detailed description of video conference equipment
Hardware devices:
Scopia gateway
Gateway has the main function is to convert the signal, the Protocol between the Terminal VCS in a multi protocol network. Gateways in the system video conference allows the Terminal to use standards like H.323 can work with standard H.320 devices etc. and vice versa.
Scopia XT Series (XT4300 - XT5000 - XT7100) - Terminal Video Conference (VCS)
VCS have the main function is to collect images, sounds at one point, encrypt them in a certain way and then sent to the remote through a transmission network environment.
The major components of VCS:
  • System Camera: recorded, processed images for the Conference.
  • system devices display: System monitor displays the image.
  • System Audio: amplify sound and broadcast.
  • System: Microphone for Audio signal acquisition Conference
  • The coded picture/sound (audio/video codecs).
  • The communication network transmission, handling encoded signal transmission.
Scopia Elite MCU
Device driver support multipoint conferencing (Multipoint Control Unit MCU), allowing more than two terminals conferencing VCS touch together at the same time form the conferencing multipoint.
Equipment connected with the MCU installed the driver software support video conference data flow analysis, data backup.
Software :
  • Scopia Management intergated Gatekeeper
  • Scopia Desktop Server for PC/Mobile connect by software.
  • Scopia Recording & Streaming.                                                             
Large Centralized Videoconferencing Solution

Conferencing solutions using MCU of radvision is a solution to meet every need of the Seminar Conference Corporation, small and medium enterprises and not limited to point Conference. With AVAYA's technology allows users to have more options:
  • 3G Network - make conferencing through Mobile
  • PSTN - perform conferencing via landline
  • Connection from your personal computer via IP network

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